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Position: Housekeeper
Country: United Kingdom
Location: Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
We are a family living close to London in Buckinghamshire. We also have dogs and horses and we are now looking for a couple to work on the farm for us. Their jobs would be varied but it would be good if they could do some of the following:
Female - part time house keeper including cleaning and laundry, possibly gardening, general help with shopping/errands, collect daughters from the bus or school (so needs to drive), cooking if they can(!), looking after animals (dogs, cats, chickens), maybe some painting etc
Male - all outside jobs and property maintenance, mowing and general gardening, fencing and strimming, field maintenance (so basic tractor driving) and hay making, painting, interest in machinery upkeep, driving, cleaning out barns, possible interest in looking after sheep! etc. The list is endless.
A single chap would also be a preference!!!!!

If either is interested in helping with the horses then great but not essential.
We have a one bed flat for them initially. If they stayed long term a cottage can be found plus use of a car.
Depending on the hours they work and experience they have salary would be starting at between 200 and 300 per week each. We would want someone to be committed for a minimum of a year but could be a long term position. Non smoker.


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