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 Combination work in Ireland 
Position: Au-Pair/Horse Care
Country: Ireland
Location: Ashbourne, Co Meath
I live in Ashbourne Co. Meath. We are 40 mins to Dublin airport if driving. There is a regular bus near us that goes into Dublin, which takes about 50 mins.
We live in the countryside, in a quiet area.
Need female or male to work with horses 6 / 7 horses in our livery yard. Duties to care for horses and maintain the yard/fields.
Person needs to be able to drive or have experience of driving a tractor as we have a sand gallops and sand arena. These need harrowing using the tractor.
Person needs to have good people skills, be friendly and hard working.
Person will need to like children. I have one boy 2½ yrs old. He likes outdoor and horses too. He is active and friendly. Duties include some babysitting once in a while and light housework when needed.
Person to have experience of working in a horse yard, horse riding and have looked after children before.
They will have their own room. We have Wi-Fi.
Work 35 hrs per week. Work 5½ - 6 days but this can be worked out with right person to what suits both of us.
Shared use of my car if needed
Food / accommodation provided and wages €150/week.
We need a person from Oct 2016 to Oct 2017.
We live near the local town Ashbourne. It is about 10 mins in car. There are cinema, shops and restaurants in town.
We are a happy warm family who enjoy outdoors and hill walking. Person will enjoy being with us and we will treat them as part of family but also giving them space.
Person needs to be happy living with a family in the country.
We have our own horse who my husband does hunting on in winter. If they are a good rider, they could use this horse also for local events.
Most of the horses in the yard are leisure horses for other people.
Write to

 2 candidates required 
Position: Au-Pair/Horse Care
Country: United Kingdom
Location: Horam East Sussex
Swedecare offers
We own a private horse yard with show jumpers and looking for a lovely person to join us. Our horses are lovely and easy to manage..
My husband is a show jumper and compete in UK and abroad. Our children are 6/3 and a baby. We are based in East Sussex, in a small place called Horam, nearest town is Tunbridge Wells which has everything you could possible want.
What we want is a girl who is used to competition horses, who can join us when we travel as well as helping with stable duties and riding. We don't mind if its one or two candidates who can come to join us but need someone who is flexible and can start fairly soon..
We offer free accommodation, food plus £150 paid per person and use of car and insurance paid for.
If you like to cook even better. Its a very flexible mixed job.
Our friends living nearby have horses and help from a a lovely Swedish girl who you will meet. We do need a rider who is confident to ride young horses - mainly exercise the horses on the flat.

 Groom rider required 
Position: Au-Pair/Horse Care
Country: United Kingdom
Location: Brewoood staffordshire
Does living in the country suit you. We have a job that might be perfect if you enjoy horse riding, helping out in the stable yard and some childcare.
Have a read.
We are a family of 3, my husband and I work locally and our 8 year old boy is at school nearby.
We are looking for a person to help us with the horses, car driver would be a plus and we have a car you can use.- . We have event/riding and racing horses that need to be looked after. Its a five day a week. Riding experience but don't have to be professional.
Weekly salary is £350 with lovely one bedroom apartment all inclusive plus use of car!!! Non smoker.
We live in a village called Brewood in Staffordshire. We need someone lightweight as the horses need to be ridden daily.
Hope to hear from you

 Family Purcell 
Position: Au-Pair/Horse Care
Country: United Kingdom
Location: Newcastle - North England
Fancy working in Newcastle, north of England with horses, good working and living conditions. To start as soon as possible
Lovely horse loving candidate, male, female or couple for family of 5 living near Newcastle northern England. Both parents work (barristers) and need horse and childcare, groom who can ride and someone who can drive. They have a cleaner. Someone honest and capable. Children are 9.11 and 9. Two live at home and the middle child is at boarding school.
They have a mixture of horses, rescue horses, ponies and dogs.
candidate wanted for family living close to Newcastle. This is a job for a country loverl You have use of a car and insurance paid for. You have a nice bedroom and bathroom, food and weekly salary of £150.00.
AS they have a pony they need a light weight person who has the experience of riding and stable duties.
Its a fun job.
Five days a week; Main town is only a ten minute drive away. Non smoker
For more information contact

 Combination job in Ireland 
Position: Au-Pair/Horse Care
Country: Ireland
Location: Co Killdeer
We are a family with a 2 year old boy plus 14 horses living in Co Killdeer in Ireland. WE need a lovely horse loving Au pair to help us with horses and childcare. If you have experience with a two year old boy then that would be terrific and also like living in the country side although we are close to a village..
My husband and I work with our horses and we have other help here as well. We also have an indoor riding arena . We go to horse shows during the week and some weekends. If you like horses you will love it here. There is lots of riding and helping out in the stable. We pay for extra riding lessons if you can't ride our horses in the beginning.
You get a nice bedroom with your own bathroom plus Euro120 per week plus food. There is no need for a drivers licence as there is a village nearby. Its a six day week job and once a month you have a weekend of. We have a cat but no dogs. Nearest airport is Dublin which is 50 minutes by car.
We hope you like the sound of us and look forward to your email/cv and picture sent to

 Combination job 
Position: Au-Pair/Horse Care
Country: United Kingdom
Location: Aylesbury, Near London
We are looking for a friendly horsey girl who can help us with our horses and help in our home. We live near Aylesbury in a place called Ford, about one hour from London We are a family of 6, my husband and me plus our four daughters (all teenagers), 3 dogs, 2 cats, 2 pigs, chickens and about 35 horses! You would be expected to help with the horses but also with light housework such as laundry and some cleaning. We have 4 others working on the farm helping out with similar work such as combination work (horses and help in the house) and you would live with another girl in one of the cottages which is all equipped with your own bedroom, bathroom, shared kitchen and sitting room, and mostly cook your own food although you can join us when you would like to. There is internet and all the comfy things you need.

 Combination job 
Position: Au-Pair/Horse Care
Country: United Kingdom
Location: Harrowgate, Yorkshire
Swedecare has a request from a family.
This is a fun job for someone who enjoys horses/riding/stable duties and also help with Bed and Breakfast.
We are a family of 3. Our baby is one so there might be some babysitting but nothing dramatic. WE have a firm that comes to
clean at our place
We have horses, mainly show jumpers and also a Bed and Breakfast. So we need a young couple, single person or two girls to come and join us
Help when guest arrive and leave, make breakfast, , do stable duties, ride if you wish and if you are a good rider there is opportunity to compete
We are based in Harrowgate, Yorkshire. UK.
You don't need to be a car driver. WE offer free accommodation, own bedroom, bathroom plus £150 per week. Five days a week.

 Family Allen 
Position: Au-Pair/Horse Care
Country: United Kingdom
Location: Near Bolney
Father's help to twins, boy and girl age 8 years old to start as soon as possible.
Non smoking family. Car driver, childcare, unlimited riding in your spare time.
Family lives Bolney which is between Brighton and Gatwick Airport, Close to Haywards Heath. Lovely place.
Father is a widow, he lost his wife two years ago to cancer. The father works in London & travels Monday to Friday by train. The children attend day school and need help with taking and collecting from school, mealtime and homeworkl. He needs help with childcare, take and collect children from school etc.

You will have a nice bedroom and bathroom, food and weekly salary plus weekly salary.

Here are some websites to give you some more information about where the family lives.

Village web site

Also West Sussex information about Bolney

The Twins school

Things to see near Bolney (We are very close to the international show jumping at Hickstead, the South of England show ground, slightly further away is Brightling )

Here are some details of our local pub!

We have previously operated a timetable and a forward calendar, so everyone understands who is doing what on what day well in advance, and we need to agree with a timetable that works for everyone. It is very important for us that our Mother's help is very happy here and enjoys being with us as a family, and also gets out and enjoys herself independently, which is one reason we provide use of a car, and unlimited riding opportunities when not working. We will be very friendly to you, but we will not provide you with a social life, you need to make that happen yourself


 Family in Ireland  
Position: Au-Pair/Horse Care
Country: Ireland
Location: Near Dublin
Combination job in Co Kildare, Ireland.
Mother Swedish, father Irish and their little boy of 3 years old.
They prefer a Swedish girl to speak Swedish with their son!
Help with riding, stable duties, car driver and childcare.
Not in that order but its a combination job and fun.
The father has hunting horses and mother has a horse that needs riding at times.
You have your own bedroom and bathroom, food plus use of car and starting salary of Euro 120.
Very nice family.
About 30 minutes from Dublin.
To start as soon as possible

 Family Galione 
Position: Au-Pair/Horse Care
Country: United Kingdom
Location: Soughwould, Norwich, UK
We are a family of 4, we have two daughters who are 12 and 14, the eldest is at boarding school and horse mad and our youngest is crazy about drama and dance who is home attends day school. Therefore we need a car driver and someone who loves riding and outdoor life and outdoor activities. . We have a beautiful house and our horses live on our grounds. We also have two dogs.
We are a non smoking family.
We are looking for a combination girl who enjoys housework as well. A bit of hoovering and dusting, help with tidying up, nothing to dramatic.
You have use of a car with insurance paid for. Also a nice bedroom and shared bathroom with the girls.
Duties take and collect our daughter from school which is nearby.
We live Norwich, not far from the town. I have a childrens clothes shopa and a sweet shop and my husband is a banker.
Neaerest airport is Stanstead.
We pay £140 per week with food, accommodation and use of car. Free weekends. If you love the countryside you will love our place.
Hope to hear from you

Position: Au-Pair/Horse Care
Country: Ireland
Location: County Meath
We live in rural Co. Meath,Ireland and require a live in Mother's help who can handle about 30 hours
per week plus babysitting twice a week for our 8 year old boy plus some help with after school activities. Light outdoor work, gardening and cut grass on our electric riding mower to cut grass, plus care for 2 x horses & 1 x cat when we go away.
Light housework,
Car driver essential.
We pay Euro 150.00 per week salary plus use of car and food. Accommodation is included, private with own bedroom and bathroom. Most weekends free! Nearest airport is Dublin City!!
Non smoker

 Horsey au pair for friendly Swedish Irish family in Ireland 
Position: Au-Pair/Horse Care
Country: Ireland
Location: Cork
I'm Swedish living in Ireland near Cork with my husband and children. WE have horses and therefore need an au pair who enjoys riding. My younger children are 10 and 8 and the others are 15/17 & 19. WE are looking for a girl who enjoys children and horses, can ride and has a drivers licence. We are a very easy going family. Our cleaner comes weekly so there is no heavy cleaning except tidying up.
You have your own small apartment with bedroom, bathroom, living area and kitchen. We need someone to ride the horses daily, we have ponies, horses, dogs, cats, sheep and chickens!! I help out on our farm with the animals and it would be lovely to have some extra hands for the younger children and the horses.
Food and a weekly salary of Euro 120 paid weekly. Insurance paid for. WE need someone to start very soon until next July 2017.
Hope to hear from you

 Family Corinne Collins 
Position: Au-Pair/Horse Care
Country: United Kingdom
Location: Homes Chappel, Cheshire
A new job from end of August.
Combination work!!!
If you like babies,horses, riding and stable duties, plus living in the country then this job might suit you!
We live in a small place called Homes Chappel, in Cheshire, surrounded by beautiful country side.
We expect a baby in August. I am a show jumper (horses) and compete at competitions. We have other grooms helping us. My husband has a car show room garage.
What we need is a candidate who has previous experience with babies, enjoy horses, and if you ride even better
We offer good accommodation, food, a car for your own private use, insurance paid for plus weekly salary of £120. We have a cleaner so there isn't much housework. I need help with baby feeding and changing nappies. If you are keen then email us

 Au pair for dogs!!! 
Position: Au-Pair/Horse Care
Country: United Kingdom
Location: Near Falmouth, Cornwall
Are you a dog lover and country girl, then this job would be perfect for you. If you are a city, party girl then you won't be happy here/
We live in the country, not far from Falmouth, in Cornwall and we have 9 dogs and 7 horses. Our daughter is 13 and our son 19 but he will be away at University. We need a dog lover who can look after the dogs, help with feeding, walking, keeping their kennels clean and when our horses groom is free do some stable duties.
Being a car driver would be helpful. My husband is a financial adviser and works Monday to Friday, I'm a write and am around most of the time.
Its a five day a week, Monday to Friday, 30 hours per week and you will get a nice bedroom, bathroom plus food and £100 weekly plus use of car and insurance paid for. WE are vegetarian.
As long as you love being in the country, its very quite where we live and we are busy.
There is a college in Falmouth if you wish to study. help around the house, dogs, 9 dogs 7 horses, groom
If you like the sound of this we would like to hear from you

 Family Whitaker 
Position: Au-Pair/Horse Care
Country: United Kingdom
Location: Sourth London
Great job in UK
South East London family require experienced combination girl who loves the outdoor life.
Combination girl wanted for family, daughter is 3 years old plus horses.
Riding, stable duties and childcare!! There is public transport nearby if you don't drive.
You have nice free accommodation plus weekly salary of £150.00.
Both parents ride. Father does showjumping competitions. There will be some traveling involved to Europe when they compete. Non smoking family. Non smoker
For more information


 Family Taylor  
Position: Au-Pair/Horse Care
Country: United Kingdom
Location: Somerset
WE are a fun sporty horsey family with ponies and event horses plus two lovely children age 8 and 10 who ride.
We need someone who loves riding, outdoor life, has a drivers licence and can join us as soon as possible.
You have your own bedroom and bathroom in our house in a private section plus food and weekly salary is £120.
We have 14 horses.
You will have to be a horse lover, country lover to join us.
We have a cleaner so all you have to do is tidy up after kids, no heavy cleaning.
We will provide you with a car and we pay your insurance.
Hope you like what we wrote.

 Close to London 
Position: Au-Pair/Horse Care
Country: United Kingdom
Location: Harpendon, Near London
Combination Child/horse care.

About the family
We are a family of four living in a lovely large village called Harpendon in Hertfordshire . We would like to welcome an au pair into our family. We love outdoor activities in all weathers and spend time with our ponies , walking our dog , cycling and in our garden. The weekends in our summers are spent at horse events most weekends riding or competing our native ponies which we are very proud of. Our ponies are well behaved and a delight to spend time with. We are involved as a family with various local community and charity groups including scouts where Mum is the Akela of the cub pack.
Our children are aged 6.5 ( girl ) and 11 ( boy). Dad is Australian and works in the city of London for an international bank. Mum is currently at home but will be working in the future probably 3/4 days a week in the environmental and charity industry. Both our children go to school within walking distance from home.

House and location
Our home is a large house in a central convenient location while being minutes from the lovely Hertfordshire countryside. It is 5 minute walk to the train station which is a 25 minute train journey in central London ( St. Pancras station ) . Luton Airport is a 10 minute drive away . Our house is a very short walk from the village centre which has cafes, pubs and shops. The au pair would have her own room and would share the children’s bathroom.

We have a 2 year old golden retriever called Willow who is very well behaved and trained and lives in the house with us. We have three ponies, these are kept at the farm of local family friends which is 2 miles away , a 10 minute safe cycle mainly on paths . Our daughters pony is a 21 year old Welsh mountain pony 12 hands,, she rides 2 or 3 times a week and attends pony club all year round and local shows in the summer .We have a horse lorry that we use to travel in with the ponies. Mum has two highland ponies aged 7 and 11 years , about 14 hands high which are used for hacking and showing during the summer. All three ponies live out together and are kept in a natural way . At the farm there is an all weather ménage with a full set of jumps and various hacking routes.

A typical week
We are looking for an au pair to be part of the family doing 35 hours work a week with the opportunity for extra work in the evenings and at weekends
Helping the children get ready for school and have breakfast
Walking the children to school and picking up from school 3 or 4 days a week depending on Mum’s work
Tidying the children’s bedrooms
Taking our daughter to ballet and her riding lessons after school
Preparing a light tea for the children after school
Taking our dog for a walk after dropping the children off.
Cycling to the ponies, clearing the ponies field of droppings. Grooming and generally caring for the ponies. Riding the highland ponies with Mum or in the ménage. Cleaning the tack. Bringing ponies in from the field and preparing them for work. In the summer helping mum to bath and prepare the ponies for shows and pony club events. Opportunity to come to shows with the family and to show or ride the ponies in competition either on the flat or jumping

Helping with laundry and ironing 5 shirts a week. Top up grocery shopping, preparing some simple meals ( vegetarian Au pairs welcome ! ) We have a weekly cleaner so this will not be required. Tending and watering the vegetable garden in the summer .
Weekly salary £150 plus nice accommodation and food.
Reference Whitbur


 Family O'Neill 
Position: Au-Pair/Horse Care
Country: Ireland
Location: Graignamanagh, County Kilkenny
We are based in outside the village of Graignamanagh in County Kilkenny in southern Ireland , its approx 1.5 - 2hrs drive to Dublin (nearest airport).
My husband and I own an international transport company so the horses and ponies we keep are for leisure purposes.
A little bit of information about our family and the horses / ponies :-)
I have two children , one girl aged 5 and one boy aged 4. The girl is very keen on riding and competes showing for the summer months and does pony club events etc for the winter. She has a 122cm show pony and another little all rounder pony. My son hasn't started to pay much interest in the ponies yet but hopefully he will soon .
My husband has a young mare which he is trying to get going as a show jumper or an eventer and another older horse for show jumping.
I have a horse for hunting in the winter as summer months are generally quite busy with my daughter showing .

We need someone to look after the horses and ponies daily, feed / hay them , ride them if necessary and turn out to the field and bring in. Muck out stables . Daily grooming and usual up keep of making sure all tack is clean & oiled etc .. But also need someone who can plait and turnout to a very high standard as required for showing ... Help get the horses ready before we go off with them.. Some days I will require the girl to come with us to the shows to look after my son and help out with whatever is going on.

Regarding the children , I am looking for someone to sit in a few hrs a week while I ride or run some errands or as mentioned maybe come to the shows with us to look after my son.

 Carina family 
Position: Au-Pair/Horse Care
Country: United Kingdom
Location: Near Maidenhead Berkshire
Au Pair/Mother's help wanted. Lovely stables very near the BCA in Berkshire & busy with Pony Club & other equine sports throughout the year. A horse is welcome (after trial period) and we have a lot of turn out.
Primarily this role will be to assist with 13.2hh + ponies, a few hunters and a few event horses (getting them fit before they go to their respective pros). The husband and children are heavily involved in polo during the summer when the hunters go out and event horses go eventing. I will need you to do all usual yard duties as well as collect children from school when I am away for work (quite a lot), oversee some home work and there is the opportunity to work in the office if the candidate was the right person. I know I am not going to find an horse capable Mary Poppins but some of the following skills would be beneficial:
Honest, reliable, diligent, traditional, self respecting, self starting, hard working individual. Must be able to drive and must have previous experience in similar role. You must be fit and agile and willing to turn your hand to most things during working hours and my standards and expectations are not un reasonable but high. (thought it best to get that one in there from the outset).
You must not; be drunk, do drugs, count hours (although we would never usually expect you to work more than a normal working day) or be depressive or depressing. Use of car, accommodation included, five days a week, starting salary £275 paid weekly. Inn return we offer a stable and horse keep if needs be, lovely accommodation (either live in or live out, live on site or live off site), Wifi, and all bills paid apart from your phone (allowance given for phone) and food. Wages generous and realistic (top end) and to suit experience. Talented individuals welcome to apply by email with covering email, questions and or CV swedecareuk52@gmail.com


 Family Gupwell 
Position: Au-Pair/Horse Care
Country: United Kingdom
Location: Near Chippenham, close to Bath, UK
We live close to Chippenham, near Bath. UK (stunning place) and have two lovely children, a girl of 5 and boy of 3. My husband is Swedish so therefore he is keen to have a Swedish person to join us. We are two hours from London. We both work locally.
Our cleaner comes weekly and does all the chores.
As we have horses we need a child/horse friendly person who is used to horses and can help the children when they ride. We also have a dog.
A car driver would be wonderful. Also someone keen to help with the local shopping, driving, riding and stable duties and help me with the children.
Its Monday to Friday, 35 hours per week and we pay £130 per week. You have a nice bedroom and shared bathroom with the children.
This is a lovely job for someone who enjoys living in the country side and also likes company of animals and children. WE are a friendly family and look forward to hearing from you.

 Family Woods 
Position: Au-Pair/Horse Care
Country: United Kingdom
Location: Newbury, Berkshire
We are a family with small boys the youngest 2 and the eldest 11. We are looking for a person who has experience with horses. The boys ride. We have four ponies. Looking for someone to take the children riding and look after their ponies. All ponies live out
We live in Newbury, Berkshire. UK which is one hour from Central London.
We need help with childcare and have ponies that the children love to ride. There is riding, stable duties and childcare. We also have a dog and hens!! A car driver would be a great help. Car insurance paid for.
We want a fun child/animal loving person to join us.
Its a five days a week.
About 25 hours per week and we pay £150 weekly.
Food is inclusive. We are a friendly warm family.
We have a cleaner but need you to tidy up after the children.
You have a nice bedroom with your own bathroom.
Don’t want a smoker..
Free weekends
Babysit twice a week.
If you wish to study there are places to do so.

 Mrs O'Brian 
Position: Au-Pair/Horse Care
Country: United Kingdom
Location: Malborough, Wiltshire
Swedecare offers
More horsecare
I’m a single mother with 3 daughters age 11/13 and 15. We live i Malborough, Wiltshire and have 3 ponies and 4 horses and a foal plus dogs. I am looking for a responsible person who enjoys country living, someone to help, a car driver, able to ride, do stable duties and also help with the girls at times.
We are one hour from London.
You have use of a car. Also a nice bedroom and your own bathroom plus food is inclusive plus £150 for a 30/35 hour week, five days a week. It is a fun job if you enjoy riding, stable duties and children. The girls are at school in the week locally.
Hope to hear from you.

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