We have a family farm in Co Tipperary, Ireland and I'm an animal vet. I own my own practice. I love horse riding and I have an Irish cob that I love to hack and compete with. I also have a new Connemara mare we are training in.

My partner is a farmer and works during the day. He has about 70 dairy cows that we milk twice daily.

We live in the middle of the countryside on a farm. We have 3 boys who are 10, 5 and 2. Our 10 year old and 5 year old go to school until 2pm. Our 2 year old is not at school yet. We have a dog and some outdoor farm cats.

We need an au pair/combination who enjoys children, can help them ride, loves animals, and is also able to ride. Other duties are tidying up after the children at mealtime and running some errands when needed. This position is for a country loving person. 

Weekends are free, only occasionally do I attend to sick animals one day a month on a Saturday.

We offer Euro 400 a weekly salary, a lovely double bedroom, food and use of a car which will be insured.  You will also have your own TV and WiFi.

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