Combination job with horses and childcare in Ireland.

We are a family of 4, two boys aged 8 and 11.

We live in the countryside in Kilkock, Co Kildare, Ireland, 30 km west of Dublin. I'm Swedish, my husband Irish.

We have 4 hunters, 3 dogs and a cat. My husband and I both work and have our own business.

A car driver is required, car and insurance included.

We need a rider able to exercise the horses plus help with stable duties.

Other duties are to drive boys to school, (5 minutes away) and collect. Help at mealtimes, (no cooking required unless you are able to) & tidy up. We have a weekly cleaner.

Nearest airport is Dublin, without traffic it takes about 25 minutes.

We offer a huge studio apartment, totally self contained with a bedroom/bathroom.

Food is inclusive plus weekly starting salary of Euro 400.00.